Putting on a good show / open mic / ANYTHING requires lots of good volunteers.

From distributing tickets to operating the lights – help is always needed in many areas. If you are interested in becoming involved with PIF in any capacity, please send an email to: gjolly@sfu.ca If there are any particular talents, passions or ideas you have, make sure to mention them!

We would love to hear from you.




Play It Forward relies on incredible musicians - so we need you

If you are interested in performing with Play It Forward, whether that be for a concert, video, open mic night, or some other creative outlet we haven't yet imagined, please send an email to britt.ayton@hotmail.com. 

We await your email excitedly.


Contact Us

If you have questions, ideas, feedback or anything of the sort - we want to hear it!

Feel free to get in touch with Ali Pearce either by phone or email, and she can either help you out herself or direct you to someone who can. 

alirose961@gmail.com OR 604-961-4129